Antoine Doré - Governing and Managing Animals by Standards and Information Infrastructures: The Case of the Genomic (R)evolution in Dairy Cattle Breeding

Tue, 06/07/2016 - 13:30 to 15:30
3314, Life Science Building


The development of genomic selection impacts the breeding activities in cattle and started to be a matter of concern for other species a few years ago, especially with regards to organizational studies. These changes are coupled with simultaneous socioeconomic evolutions and governmental withdrawal. The ambition of my research about Genetic Selection in Dairy Cattle is to develop theoretical and methodological propositions aimed at contributing to the elaboration of an analytical framework for interpreting our organized relations with animals. From a sociological perspective—in particular at the crossroads of Science and Technology Studies and Economic Sociology—I try to situate the emergence of dairy cows as part of the history of agricultural industrialization and its close connections to the life sciences—in particular molecular and quantitative genetics. By investigating dairy cows’ genealogy as a historical trajectory and dairy cows’ current management as an anthrozootechnical organization, I argue it is possible to sketch a more complex politics around animals’ significance as biotechnocultural entities.